Meet our Suncadia All Star – Robert Burleson

01/08/2019 Victoria Ellison 0

Our Installation manager is a force to be reckoned with. Whether it be the rain of Seattle or the snow of Suncadia, Robert Burleson will be there to help. His determination to get the job done is unrivaled even by the die-hard USPS mail carriers! In February, he will have […]

IPTV: The Magic of Moving Pictures and Sound

01/06/2019 David Schaeffer 0

Hello Everybody, I’m Dave, the Lead Software Developer here at Atlas Networks. To help provide some context for this article it’s helpful to have a little background about what I do day to day. I am primarily a Full Stack JavaScript Developer, dealing with both front end (user interface) and […]

Holiday Traditions from the Atlas Family

01/03/2019 Andrea Eisenberg 0

Before we knew it, another holiday season has come and gone again! We rushed around to finish buying groceries, “wrap up” our Christmas shopping, make it to everyone’s holiday party, and finalize travel plans. There were times it was hard to slow down and enjoy the moment. At our staff […]